Welcome to our clinic „Quartus”!

Mums prieks, ka esi atvērusi šo lapu, un mēs ceram, ka Tu atradīsi šeit to, ko Tu meklē - citādāku ārstu praksi.

Welcome to our clinic „Quartus”.

We always look after all women’s health and mind. Priority of our clinic is individual approach, we care of your needs, also we are highly professional. We provide diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female genital organs (including inflammatory infections and STI’s), various analyzes, help with questions about planning a family and choosing a contraception method, help to woman in the premenopausal period, modern diagnostics (gynecological ultrasound, colposcopy, etc.), prophylaxes gynecological checkup, consultation about opportunities and the need for surgical solution.
Quartus gynecologists cares about patient’s health, providing high level gynecological services and maintenance of pregnancy.
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Our team

more than 20 years experience

Irina Jermakova

Certificated gynecologist, colposcopy expert, sonographer

Daiga Baranovska

Certificated gynecologist, specialist of homeopathy, sonographer

Oksana Babula

Certificated gynecologist, specialist of homeopathy, sonographer, reproductologist

Sigita Bukolovska

Certificated gynecologist, sonographer, an ayurvedic practitioner

Jekaterina Stankeviča

Certificated gynecologist, obstetrician, adolescent gynecologist. Oncology gynecologist.

Dārta Krēsliņa

Resident gynecologist, obstetrician, adolescent gynecologist.

Katrīna Puriņa Liberte

Resident gynecologist, obstetrician, adolescent gynecologist, midwife

Lāsma Koškina

Radiology, diagnostics, breast disease expert

Simona Doniņa

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Certified oncologist – chemotherapist

Jeļena Lendele


Kintija Vīksne


Inga Dresmane Kazakeviča


Zane Veinberga


Dear Patients!

– We recommend attend the visit or appointment at clinic Quartus without accompanying persons (without partner, children, friends or relatives);
– Attending clinic Quartus use protective mask.
– If you have traveled or been in a contact with the person who has returned from the risk countries, please reschedule your visit
by Phone: +371 67271205, +371 28343065, info@qprakse.lv

You also can make an appointment with doctor through WhatsApp or in Zoom platform. Information in detail: +371 67271205, +371 28343065.
Thank you for your understanding,



Very professional medical staff. We are happy with the excellent result. All questions were answered and helped to understand them. Really a different medical practice. Thank you.



All staff were very responsive and understanding. Very cozy clinic. Best regards,



Services were provided at the highest level, staff and doctors were friendly and did an excellent job. I am very pleased with the result! I will recommend to friends and relatives!


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