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Baby waiting is positively mind-blowing, little scary because of responsibility, which will lay on parents shoulders with all it’s joy and sorrow. That’s why moms and dads must be ready and know everything which relates child’s feeling of comfort. Lectures for moms and dads involve:

  • Baby is here. Intro lecture about:
    • Conception, the development of foetus;
    • Changes in internal organs, physiological and emotional upturn;
    • Food during pregnancy;
    • Discussions (life style, physical activities, role of partner).
  • Parents responsibility:
    • New born Baby, it’s care and feeding.
    • Is my child healthy?
    • Discussions.
  • Mothers milk – the best for baby:
    • Preparation for breast feeding;
    • The most convenient breast feeding poses;
    • What if there is not enough milk?
    • How to care and protect breasts during breast feeding.
  • Big event. Birth:
    • Three periods of birth;
    • Breathing and partner’s help (relief of birth aches, birth poses) (let’s wear something comfy because we will try everything on carpets and balls);
    • Epidural pain relief;
    • Post birth period.

For more information please inquire your gynecologist or our midwife!

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