3 things in a medicine dresser


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3 things in a medicine dresser

3 things in a medicine dresser

Summer outside the window is already in full maturity – jasmine blooms, roses in buds, gradually the mythicality of the approaching solstice night takes over people’s minds. For us, this time means hands full of work. Every day we tell you what you can and can’t do, what you need and what you don’t. So the story of what to put in your medicine cabinet in the gynecologist’s opinion.

“Kefirs”, buttermilk, yogurts and other sour milk products – the best friend of women. This should be remembered every sweet moment. I will definitely not be able to tell the food chain, how the good bacteria from the kefir glass enter the vagina, as easily and understandably as my teacher, the highly respected Professor A.Danilans, but the most important thing is to know that also eaten, lactic acid bacteria do their good work wherever necessary, also in the intimate area. It is especially important to think about the use of sour milk products at those moments of life when the body requires special cherishment – illness, pregnancy and the postpartum period, use of serious medical treatments (antibacterial agents, hormone preparations, chemotherapy.c.), increased stress, travel. If it is just a matter of habit, then changing in a positive direction is not so difficult, as long as there is knowledge and desire. If the reasons why you cannot use dairy products are more serious, there is a possibility of making up for the products offered by the pharmaceutical industry.

For daily inserts NO. This is not only my conviction as a doctor, but also that of many of my patients. Although there is a complete contradiction with the colourful advertisements on TV screens and glossy magazines, but nothing to do – I will not change my opinion. A healthy woman does not need inserts on a daily basis. The myth of the feeling of freshness they create is and remains a myth. Of course, there are exceptions to all laws, and every woman ever has some special situations when they are useful, but not every day. If you really can’t do without them because there are too many secretions, you better go to the doctor and arrange your health. But for the money saved, buy new shoes.

Hygiene is an important part of women’s lives and stories about different pHs in different parts of the body as once are not just advertising delusions – it is true. Therefore, it is important to think about what parts of the body with what soap we wash – let not only shampoo for hair, toothpaste teeth and shower gel for the body be special, but also special soap for the intimate area. It is especially important to know this for women, for whom gynecological problems cause difficulties in everyday life on a regular basis. If, however, there are situations when special soap is not at hand, it is better to thoroughly wash with clean water.

You’ll say, no lyrics, just prose. But that’s what our daily lives are all about. About the holidays at other times.

author: Dr. D.Baranovska.

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