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Take mom to your gynecologist

Take mom to your gynecologist Holidays and joy – this is the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about May. May begins with the sun and tulips. In May is green grass and rain of spring. May is the holiday and the end of the school year. May is Latvia’s month of…
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Traditional vs. non-traditional medicine

Traditional vs. non-traditional medicine After working in my specialty for some 10 years, I began to face more and more cases when in classical medicine I lacked the means and advice to help my patients. Neither really diagnose nor prescribe treatment. There may have been cases like this before, but I hadn’t paid that kind…
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The myth about week 40

The myth about week 40 Although we live in an age of information and technology, our minds are full of myths of all kinds. I can’t do without them in my profession. It will probably also turn out to be a myth that I will be able to dispel one of them here and yet.…
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Believe and trust

Believe and trust Faith is at the heart of everything. Faith in good and luck. Belief in higher power. Faith in yourself and him. The belief that everything will be fine will happen exactly as you want. Also love, reliance, confidence, but without faith in nothing. Because if you don’t believe who’s going to believe…
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Live green

Live green “Live green” is a concept that each of us perceives with a different meaning. For one, it’s biofuel for a car, another sunbathing on the roof of a house, some more food without GMOs. Someone rides a bike, another chooses natural cosmetics, while another builds a house made of straw and clay. And…
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What is Nothing

What is Nothing I have already talked about the importance of talking to doctors and patients before. At the moment when this conversation is in full swing, the next topicality is undoubtedly a qualitative exchange of information – the right questions and the most correct, honest and open answers, because a successful conversation is definitely…
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Find yours

Find yours At the beginning of my career, on a sunny spring Saturday afternoon, I walked home from work with a colleague who is about 15 years more experienced than me. The streets and parks of the centre of Riga were full of smiling people, families with children. And I was positively shocked by a…
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Sincere conversations

Sincere conversations Modern technology has changed everything. Instead of pigeons, SMS and emails fly through the air. The goose feather has been replaced by a wireless keyboard. From the cherry-wood desk, we’re on the couch with an i-pad on our lap. One click google replaces libraries, books, magazines and even questions for fellow human beings.…
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Bonus for being a parent

Bonus for being a parent I think every much educated person knows that the Nobel Prize is one of the highest possible awards for achievements in natural sciences, also in medicine. During its 110 years of existence, it has been received by many distinguished scientists for many truly significant and outstanding discoveries that have…
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As we speak between us – girls

As we speak between us – girls As I prepared to address the readers of “Ieva”, I searched for the right words for a long time. First of all, I thought it was important to remind you that cancer is not a bogeyman to frighten – this time not young children, but adult women, family…
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