Believe and trust


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Believe and trust

Believe and trust

Faith is at the heart of everything. Faith in good and luck. Belief in higher power. Faith in yourself and him. The belief that everything will be fine will happen exactly as you want. Also love, reliance, confidence, but without faith in nothing. Because if you don’t believe who’s going to believe it.

As I remember today, what happened some 12 years ago. It’s a brand new girl. According to the theories read in the books, she had no chance of welcoming her baby. A consiley of top-level professionals had expressed her verdict to save her own life. But she stood in the doorway of the doctors’ room and announced in a loud voice that she was leaving the hospital because she wanted to give birth, but doctors don’t let her. The agreement was not easy for both sides and the way to victory was full of thorns, however, the miracle happened – the girl welcomed her baby. And doctors helped her in good faith after the maximum program and even a little more. But that wasn’t the point. The most important thing was her faith. A superhuman belief that the two of them will meet.

There are many stories like this. Those who believe that they will succeed experience a miracle. But believe in more than 100%.

However, in order for faith not to be blind, for seeds to fall into fertile soil, it is no less important to trust – one’s inner voice and intuition, and the knowledge and experience of those next to help. That’s why it’s invaluable to meet the right people who you’re on the same wave with and with which the great life vision lines are similar. Just as we don’t have many true friends, most likely only a few, the real doctor may be the only one. This is especially true of those who are next to the female on the way to meet the baby.

The time for searching is often short and insufficient. However, it is worth it, because only together with the right people can we really experience a miracle. There are no details in this case, it is important to entrust your health and that of your baby, because the overall happiness of all of you will depend on it. Entrust your fears, insecurities, reflections, because in the absence of explanations, fear and ignorance will not allow you to enjoy the joy of waiting. Entrust your wishes, imaginations and needs, because like spouses, the patient must talk to the doctor so that everyone plays according to the same rules. Trust knowledge and experience, because if it’s your doctor, he’ll never want bad. Evaluate, explain, make sure and find you the best way to go.

Because the most important thing is only one thing – let the baby be healthy and mommy happy. Therefore, we believe in miracles and trust people.

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