The myth about week 40


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The myth about week 40

The myth about week 40

Although we live in an age of information and technology, our minds are full of myths of all kinds. I can’t do without them in my profession. It will probably also turn out to be a myth that I will be able to dispel one of them here and yet.

As a bridge from the past in the future, from waiting in being, from yesterday tomorrow is a miracle of birth. And everyone will have heard not only a belief in what will be, how it will be and how it will not be if something happens as the aunts said.

I want to share my thoughts on the myth of week 40, which is deeply rooted in consciousness for both expectant mothers and all those who care for them. This is not even a myth, rather an ‘irrefutable truth’.

If we take in our hands and read any obstetric textbook, there black on white stands written – the pregnancy carried out lasts 259 to 294 days. Before 259 days, childbirth should be considered premature. After the 294th day, pregnancy is transmitted. If it’s hard to figure out in your head, the calculator says that 294 days is 42 weeks. From a mathematical point of view – elementary!

Suppose that pregnancy is like a journey by train, which has a final stop in Riga. However, no one jumps out of tukums train on the Railway Bridge, but is squeezed into a crowded tambour, but drives to Riga Passenger Station, where the doors open on the platform. For some reason, when planning childbirth, we sometimes want to jump out of the train before it stops at the final stop. Of course, old London doubledeckers with open platforms have the opportunity to get out and go wherever you want. But only if it stopped at a red light. There are enough controllers checking tickets. We make analyses, perform sonography, record heart tons, count movements and many more necessary tests.

Week 40 is like Zasulauks station. For those who need to get out faster, the door is wide open, but if the ticket is up to the end, then you should sit quietly and look out the window – such a beautiful landscapes change after each other.

Life is beautiful. It’s beautiful to travel. Just don’t hurry, but enjoy the beautiful travel time allotted to us.

P.S. Thanks for the inspiration to the head of the portal Inga Akmentiņa-Smildziņa.

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