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At the beginning of my career, on a sunny spring Saturday afternoon, I walked home from work with a colleague who is about 15 years more experienced than me. The streets and parks of the centre of Riga were full of smiling people, families with children. And I was positively shocked by a fact – my colleagues were constantly greeted by passers-by, we stopped to talk to new mothers and smile at the babies, and she was just beaming herself.

At that time, I thought that it was every doctor’s most sincere mission – to work to make people happy and greet them with a smile, meeting outside the hospital corridors as well. Meeting your gynecologist is undeniably important for every woman. Because a gynecologist is a doctor to whom a woman entrusts both the most beautiful moments and secrets of her life.

The unspoken or the default is sometimes even with the price of life. But the soul and his deepest hidden secrets cannot be revealed to any passerby. As with the greatest joy and happiness, you first want to share with your neighbors. Those we trust without a moment’s doubt. And in the ideal situation, so should your gynecologist.

And women are looking. Some more conscientiously, some more carelessly. Some ask their girlfriends, others work colleagues, some bring moms, other daughters, and sisters to the doctor. Someone manages to hit a soul mate for the first time, another takes years to search. But meeting a like-minded person is a real pleasure for anyone. Although the patient’s well-being is paramount, the doctor also works much happier if he feels understanding. Not for better or worse – these can’t be optional categories, but just more joyful.

Those who have managed to find will hopefully agree. There’s no such toothache to go to your doctor at all. Over the years, conversations are also overgrown with completely non-medical things – children, jobs, family life. But it still belongs to the case if your doctor is your soul mate. More recently, in a conversation with our colleagues, we concluded that the most correct explanation for the term “gynecologist” is not just a specialist in women’s diseases, but a specialist in any women’s problems.

It’s been many years since that sunny Saturday. I, too, are now greeted by many smiling women – on the street, in a market, in a theatre. My girlfriends are my patients. My patients have become my friends. And one big part of us are truly soul mates to share joys, sorrows, and go together to fight health troubles.

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