What is Nothing


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What is Nothing

What is Nothing

I have already talked about the importance of talking to doctors and patients before. At the moment when this conversation is in full swing, the next topicality is undoubtedly a qualitative exchange of information – the right questions and the most correct, honest and open answers, because a successful conversation is definitely more than half of the correct diagnosis.

But that’s a big stumbling block for both sides. I agree that it is not always doctors who are so interested and scrupolous in questioning their patient, but on the other hand patients do not owe either.

In my work, one of the standard questions for any patient – long known or first seen is “How do you get pregnant?” or “What do you use for contraception?” – the same content, only in different forms. Seemingly absolutely nothing complicated, however, this is only the seemingness of the first moment. The answers are as varied, as well as the same. Of course, there is a party that is not complicated to answer, and that is what we are quickly coping with. But there is another side.

And the other side is already very complicated, because the answer is even simpler than the question “Nothing” or “Nothing”. But are you little able to comprehend how much different information actually lies beneath this very insignificant word in Latvian. Because it is not that all these women do not really use anything, because either they actually plan a pregnancy, which is only to be welcomed, or are in a relationship pause during a given period of life and do not really have any need for contraception.

Beneath this THAN lies everything possible – condom use, discontinued intercourse, vaginal flushing, calendar method. Or better – none of the above, but we do not plan to get pregnant, because we do not want a baby at the moment. So to speak, we hope to get away with it only with intense thought.

Obviously, I clarified the details of my interest during the conversation and found out all the information I was interested in, but again and again I hear the answer TO NOTHING, I do not understand, laugh, cry or be angry, because the investigation and discussion start again each time.

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