Take mom to your gynecologist


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Take mom to your gynecologist

Take mom to your gynecologist

Holidays and joy – this is the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about May. May begins with the sun and tulips. In May is green grass and rain of spring. May is the holiday and the end of the school year. May is Latvia’s month of revival and a family holiday. And, of course, 9th May is the Mother’s Day.

We welcome the mothers who have given us their lives, cuddled, educated and selflessly made sure that each one grows up to be a good, intelligent and happy person. But we know just as well how often these worries, especially if the children multiple, moms lose themselves. They find time and opportunities for everything and everyone – children, husband, work, their parents, but often forget something very important –about her self! Only a healthy woman is a happy woman, mom and wife. Daughters usually notice and appreciate it best at the moment when they themselves become moms and get into a squirrel wheel called “mom’s personal life.”

But it’s never too late to change anything in your own lives, as in the lives of others close to you and loved ones. On Sunday morning you will delight your mothers with flowers and a festive breakfast. But you can also try something quite real. Having entrusted children and grandchildren to the male representatives of the family and two delayed at the breakfast coffee mug, ask when she (your mom) had have visit with the gynecologist. I know for sure that most will be embarrassed and will not really be able to answer, because it’s been a long time ago. Do not listen to the arguments why this should not be done, why now is not really a good time and whether it is needed at all. Take it to your hand and take her to the doctor. To your doctor. Best of all – call the doctor today.

After this, not only you will be able to say thank you for being such a great mom, but your mom will also say thank you for having such a great daughter. Because you are special and this will be a special time for you both. Happy Mothers day!

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