As we speak between us – girls


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As we speak between us – girls

As we speak between us – girls

As I prepared to address the readers of “Ieva”, I searched for the right words for a long time. First of all, I thought it was important to remind you that cancer is not a bogeyman to frighten – this time not young children, but adult women, family mothers, office workers, business leaders or smart grandmothers. If, very tweaked, the state does offer us to do some kind of inspection for free even once every 2-3 years, it needs to be used. But I want to hope how women who read magazines and navigate the thickets of a virtual network are both smart, beautiful and responsible to love themselves, their loved ones and know what they need to do.

Then I wanted to mention that quite a few things in our women’s field can be solved quite elementally. It is enough to eat the right foods (read – drink kefir and yogurt and not get carried away with sweets and white bread), wash with the right soap (read – clean spring water or special intimate soap) and wear the right underwear (read – do not use any daily inserts). Well, there’s a fourth one left – to make love to the right men, but it’s far from life’s prose.

But in the end I stayed with the girls. They’re so wonderful and nice. We felt that the issues that were important for young women had been neglected in schools. Of course, all possible sources of information are overflowing with tips on how to seduce the right man, what kisses he will like best and which socks are the most sexy. After all, you can also find full info about contraception and periods. But there is one BUT. Those already supposedly knowledgeable girls also need to talk – if not about socks, then why their breasts hurt before their period, because they’re afraid if it’s cancer. And can it really be, as shown on TV, that until giving birth, a woman does not know that she is pregnant. Or why one breast is bigger than the other. And after all, what is safe sex? Or when I know what my partner’s name is? Or when the dormitory room door is locked? When a condom is safely stored in a night locker drawer? There are a lot of questions and they are not all yet. Mom may know, but she’s afraid to ask. Girlfriends get the biggest one just as smart as they are. But I don’t want to go to the doctor because I’m very, very afraid.

You want to know what happened next? Well, if Muhammad doesn’t go to the mountain, then the mountain goes to Muhammad. And we go to the girls. They’re really nice and wonderful. Also knowledgeable and willing to know. And they have a real opportunity to ask a real doctor for their question, only without fear and undress. Because it’s not necessary right away either. That’s cool those gynecologists, aren’t they.

Were we already in your class? And in your daughter’s class?

author: Dr. D.Baranovska.


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